Drying spray paint with hair dryer?

I found a can of gold spray paint in my garage and decided to spray paint my iphone cover with it. I need it to dry fast because I want to hot glue some silver studs on it. Will blow drying it speed up the process? Cold temp of course, but how long? Thanx 😉

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  • Yes, but: it’s better to use very thin coats…just barely enough to cover the base color on the first one…then dry the phone (or what ever is painted) throughly.

    When dry, another thin coat…dry that one VERY well.

    The last coat (again thin is the key) should complete the coverage.

    Make sure the phone is sitting level, or the paint will have ‘runs’ which look bad.

    Also, blowing on Hi fan speed cab put ‘waves’ on the paint. It can be a cool effect, but consider if you want that as opposed to a smooth, uniform finish.

    (On that first coat, make absolutely certain it’s dry before proceeding. I’ve never have a lot of luck with gold paint, but you may have a fast drying, good quality stuff.)

    Note also that gluing anything to painted surfaces is not normally a successful endeavor: the paint tends to flake off at the glue spot, especially paint over plastic. (I hope your paint is plastic compatible, other wise it will absolutely look like crap.)

    It might be better to remove a very small spot of paint (with a nail file tip maybe) and get down to the original surface, then apply your glue.

    Dry time may vary, up to 20-30 minutes; but it must be dry before successive coats, or it will never dry right and rub off onto clothes and make a mess of everything.

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  • Use a fan or no heat hair dryer. The propellant in the paint is probably propane.

    The electric heater in the dryer could cause a fire.

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    Not really as the paint must cure from the inside out.

  • yes it will help

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