Eating expired bacon?

I just realized that i ate two week old expired bacon around 15 hours ago, should i be worried?

6 Answers

  • Most food products that have a date on them, don’t actually expire. The date is there so older product can be rotated to the front of the case and sold first. Unless you saw something growing on the meat (since you ate it I would assume not) you’re good to go. Even if it had something on it, 99% of illness causing bacteria on food are destroyed be heat anyway.

  • I Just cooked up some bacon that is 23 days beyond its use by date. It had a faint sweet odor so I fried most of it and put a couple of strips into the beans I got simmering. Tasted great. I promise to come back on here and let you know if I get sick at all.

  • Am eating expired bacon right now, but it is in it’s original sealed package and about 2 weeks old with no mold or odour, it tastes delicious.

  • You won’t get sick eating expired bacon; it’s expired because the flavor, quality, and texture is gone. That’s why it tasted funny (“freezer burnt” because it’s been in the freezer for a long time).

  • As long as you cooked it thoroughly you should be fine. Bacon has plenty of preservatives that it should be okay.

  • If it was spoiled you would have smelled it and taste it and you would have got sick by now ,so don’t worry about it you will survive !

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