Ecce Romani II chapter 31 translation help?

im having a little trouble translating chapter 31 in ecce romani II. does anyone have this translation so i can study it for the translation quiz i have tommorrow?

4 Answers

  • You really need to post the parts you need. We don’t have the text in front of us.

  • Ecce Romani Chapter 31 Translation

  • Ecce Romani 2 Chapter 31 Translation

  • at the very time he entered into the United Kingdom. *** Sixth heard what he had done, “The sixth!” Cried out. “Come hither!” The child, now timid, he went back into the court rendered Cornelian dollars. then The sixth brought with him from the court of Cornelius. When this is done, Marcus asked “the father of what will he do? what the Sixth it shall be done? “Cornelia, to whom” I think “said he,” to have a father in the mind of the Sixth to beat. “

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