Either Obama failed to stop Russian election interference, or Obama colluded with Russia to allow it to happen. When will he be prosecuted?

It happened on Obama’s watch, so he needs to take responsibility for it.

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  • that is exactly right!.

    When GWB left office Russia and Putin were irrelevant. When Obama leaves office, they are major players in the world and according to liberals are actually running this country. I would like to know if it was Obama’s incompetence that brought Putin back to the forefront or if he did it by design

  • You obviously don’t understand the law, the lawbreakers were those who colluded with Russia to interfere in the election, if the allegations are proved.

  • Get real.

  • He will be prosecuted the second Tuesday of next week

  • Sure. Why not? I mean there is as much proof of that as there is for President Trump colluding with Russia. I.e. NONE

  • There you go again with that healthy obsession with President Obama. I’m surprised you didn’t mention HRC in the question.

  • Ahhh once again the party of personal responsibility blames the black guy


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