ELECTRONIC JOURNAL from read it and weep? HELP?

In the Disney Channel Movie Starring Daniel Panabaker, Jamie writes down all of her thioughts in this like electronic journal….I REALLLLLY want one, but where can i fuind it or what is it called?

2 Answers

  • Well, its called a tablet PC. Its not an electronic journal. Its a laptop. These tablets have a screen which you can write on with the stylus provided. You can go to a nearby electronics store and ask the salesmen there. Just ask if they sell tablet PCs. Most stores sell them. Prices range from about $1500 to $3000.

    And the software Panabaker was using is probably Windows Journal which comes with every tablet PC.


  • I have one. I don’t know what it is called but i think its a gateway? They are pretty pricy.

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