Embarrassing stomach growl?

Has your stomach ever growl at an embarrassing moment? When? Where? And why?

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  • . I will tell you my embarrassing story

    i got up at 5:00 in the morning because we had to drive to Orlando

    i didn't eat anything all day. when it was about 12:00 we were in the building and it was very quiet

    it was loaded with people who were all looking at the ground trying to be quiet then all of the sudden my

    stomach did a HUGE GROWL that echoed across the building. And everyone turned and stared at me 🙁 my mom couldn't stop laughing when we got to the car 🙂 lol i guess it is kinda funny

  • LOL yes. I have this thing where I need to eat every two hours or I get so hungry my stomach makes loud noises. I am super skinny cause of my fast metabolism but eat tons! So I have had it happen all throughout High School and College. What I hated the most is those long college exams.... when everyone is quiet... and then... a loud growl lol. I developed this neat little trick though that kept my stomach from growling. Not sure what it's called but I breath air into my stomach instead of lungs, hold the air, and put my forearm across my belly with pressure. No growls after that even though I was starving! lol.

  • LOL sure. I have this factor in which I have to consume each and every 2 hours or I get so hungry my belly makes loud noises. I am extremely good thin reason of my quick metabolism however consume lots! So I have had it occur all during High School and College. What I hated probably the most is the ones lengthy school tests.... whilst everybody is quiet... after which... a noisy growl lol. I built this neat little trick although that stored my belly from growling. Not certain what it is referred to as however I breath air into my belly as a substitute of lungs, preserve the air, and positioned my forearm throughout my stomach with strain. No growls after that although I was once ravenous! lol.

  • My stomach growled really loudly during a test and everyone stared at me and my boyfriend approached me after class then said looks like winnie the pooh isnt the only one who has a rumbly in there tummy i died with laughter and kissed him

  • Yes!!! It happened all the time when I was in Highschool...early in the morning from 8am-10am. It happend because I always slept-in and skipped breakfast, and it happens because a) your hungry or b) your stomach is digesting the food you just ate.

  • Hungry Stomach Growling Stories

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  • One time at my Aunt's funeral it growled cause I was hungry. Everybody just starred at me when I did it.

  • I get it when making out and have to pretend its all cool

  • yes! during a test at school i have no idea why! i wasn't hungry

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