Emergency Light buzzes when tested?

This is different from a similar question asked of buzzing when not tested. Last June, I bought and installed a plug-in Utilitech Emergency Light from my local Lowes and installed it in an office where I work. Recently when I went to test it, the lights did not illuminate and the unit made a buzzing sound. The sound stopped when the test button was released. The same thing happens when the unit is unplugged. What could be the problem and/or possible solution? As mentioned, the unit has been in use for a little less than nine months.

2 Answers

  • The problem is that the battery is no good. This should not be the case in a unit that is 9 months old. The battery is dead for one of three reasons. I: It was a defective battery from the start ( unlikely ) 2 : The unit has a defective charger that is not charging (most probable) 3: The unit is overcharging & has fried the battery ( it usually will make the battery bulge) In any case take the whole thing back and get a new one.

  • I would guess that your unit is defective. Have you contacted Lowe’s or Utili-tech Customer Support?


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