Emotion metaphors please?

i need a couple of examples of emotion metaphors

Examples: Fear is a brick wall

Love is music

Love is a rollercoaster

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  • ANGER IS A HOT FLUID IN A CONTAINER: She is boiling with anger.

    ANGER IS FIRE: He’s doing a slow burn. His anger is smoldering.

    ANGER IS INSANITY: The man was insane with rage.

    ANGER IS AN OPPONENT IN A STRUGGLE: I was struggling with my anger.

    ANGER IS A CAPTIVE ANIMAL: He unleashed his anger.

    ANGER IS A BURDEN: He carries his anger around with him.


    THE CAUSE OF ANGER IS TRESPASSING: Here I draw the line.

    THE CAUSE OF ANGER IS PHYSICAL ANNOYANCE: He’s a pain in the neck.

    ANGER IS A NATURAL FORCE: It was a stormy meeting.

    AN ANGRY PERSON IS A FUNCTIONING MACHINE: That really got him going.

    ANGER IS A SOCIAL SUPERIOR: His actions were completely governed by anger.

    FEAR IS A FLUID IN A CONTAINER: The sigh filled her with fear.

    FEAR IS A HIDDEN ENEMY: Fear slowly crept up on him. He was hounded by the fear that the business would fail.

    FEAR IS A TORMENTOR: my mother was tormented by fear.

    FEAR IS A SUPERNATURAL BEING: he was haunted by fear.

    FEAR IS AN ILLNESS: Jill was sick with fright.

    FEAR IS INSANITY: Jack was insane with fear.

    THE SUBJECT OF FEAR IS A DIVIDED SELF: I was beside myself with fear.

    FEAR IS AN OPPONENT IN AS STRUGGLE: Fear took hold of me.

    FEAR IS A BURDEN: Fear weighted heavily on them.

    FEAR IS A NATURAL FORCE: She was engulfed by panic.

    FEAR IS SOCIAL SUPERIOR: his actions were dictated by fear.

    HAPPY IS UP: We had to cheer him up.

    HAPPINESS IS BEING OF THE GROUND: I am six feet of the ground. I was so happy my feet barely touched the ground.

    HAPPINESS IS BEING IN HEAVEN: That was heaven on earth.

    HAPPY IS LIGHT: She brightened up at the news.

    HAPPINESS IS VITALITY: He was alive with joy.

    HAPPINESS IS WARM: That warmed my spirits.

    HAPPINESS IS HEALTH: It made me feel great.

    A HAPPY PERSON IS AN ANIMAL THAT LIVES WELL: He was happy as a pig in ****. He looks like a cat that got the cream.


    HAPPINESS IS A FLUID IN A CONTAINER: He was overflowing with joy.

    HAPPINESS IS A CAPTIVE ANIMAL: His feeling of happiness broke loose. She couldn’t hold back her feelings of happiness.

    HAPPINESS IS AN OPPONENT IN A STRUGGLE: He was knocked out! She was overcome by joy.

    HAPPINESS IS A RAPTURE/HIGH: I was drunk with joy.

    HAPPINESS IS INSANITY: They were crazy with happiness.

    HAPPINESS IS A NATURAL FORCE: He was swept off his feet.

    SAD IS DOWN: He brought me down with his remarks.

    SAD IS DARK: He is in a dark mood.

    SADNESS IS LACK OF HEAT: Loosing his father put his fire out; he’s been depressed for two years.

    SADNESS IS LACK OF VITALITY: This was disheartening news.

    SADNESS IS A FLUID IN A CONTAINER: I am filled with sorrow.

    SADNESS IS A PHYSICAL FORCE: that was a terrible blow.

    SADNESS IS AN ILLNESS: She was heart-sick. Time heals all sorrows.

    SADNESS IS INSANITY: He was insane with grief.

    SADNESS IS A BURDEN: He staggered under the pain.

    SADNESS IS A LIVING ORGANISM: He drowned his sorrow in drink.

    SADNESS IS A CAPTIVE ANIMAL: His feelings of misery got out of hand.

    SADNESS IS AN OPPONENT: He was seized by a fit of depression.

    SADNESS IS A SOCIAL SUPERIOR: She was ruled by sorrow.

    Love is a nutrient: I am starved for love.

    Love is a journey: It’s been a long, bumpy road.

    Love is a unity of parts: We’re as one. They’re breaking up. We’re inseparable. We fused together.

    LOVE IS CLOSENESS: They’re very close.

    LOVE IS A BOND: There is a close tie between them.

    LOVE IS A FLUID IN A CONTAINER: She was overflowing with love.

    LOVE IS FIRE: I am burning with love.

    LOVE IS AN ECONOMIC EXCHANGE: I’m putting m ore into this than you are.

    LOVE IS A NATURAL FORCE: She swept me off my feet.

    LOVE IS A PHYSICAL FORCE: I was magnetically drawn to her.

    LOVE IS AN OPPONENT: She tried to fight her feelings of love.

    LOVE IS A CAPTIVE ANIMAL: She let go of her feelings.

    LOVE IS WAR: She conquered him.

    LOVE IS SPORT/A GAME: He made a play for her.

    LOVE IS A DISEASE/ AN ILLNESS: I am heart-sick.

    LOVE IS MAGIC: He was enchanted.

    LOVE IS INSANITY: I am crazy about you.

    LOVE IS A SOCIAL SUPERIOR: She is completely ruled by love.

    LOVE IS A RAPTURE/ A HIGH: I have been high on love for weeks.


    THE OBJECT OF LOVE IS A SMALL CHILD: Well, baby, what are we gonna do?

    THE OBJECT OF LOVE IS A DEITY: Don’t put her on a pedestal. He worships her.


    i hope it will help, as these are conceptual metaphors with some examples of underlying them linguistic expressions. taken mainly from Kovecses: Metaphors and Metaphor and Emotions and Lakoff and Johnson’s Metaphor we live by.

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    Emotion metaphors please?

    i need a couple of examples of emotion metaphors

    Examples: Fear is a brick wall

    Love is music

    Love is a rollercoaster

  • My happiness washed through me; a wave breaking over my head, and the joyous foam spreading into the deep, inky sea all around me. Or The fear crept into my every cell, a ghostly shadow haunting every thought, and rattling through my frozen heart. Or The rain pounded on my skin, drenching me with despair. Crumbling to the ground it seeped through my body, the sadness soaking my skin to the bone.

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  • Fear is like a brick wall, and you could never escape it.

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