Engine Block Size 2010 Chevy Impala?

What is the engine block size for the 2010 Chevy Impala 3.5 L? I’m trying to get a intake manifold lower and upper and it’s so hard to find.

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  • The engine code in the VIN # should tell you as well as any marking on the engine cover. I think it’s the eighth # on the VIN code, like a K or Y or L, etc….

  • GEt the part numbers and GOOGLE THEM! ANY auto part store can HELP you with these things! There is a REPAIR kit from FEL PRO! And get RID of the CHEVY for a FORD or TOYOTA next time or even an ASAIN CAR! Theya re LASTING LONGER and FEWER ISSUES liek this! GM screwed up and got SUED for every engein inthe WORLD made between 96-2003 for INCIMPATIBILOITY of the COOLANT (DEXCOOL) and GM choices of GAEKT MATERIAL! I ahve seen DOZENS of SHRIVELLED UP gakset ons GM engeins! THEY MAKE the SAME MISTAKES over and over agian till a COURT somewhere STOPS THEM! JINK YARDS have PLENTY good use ones! 

  • Um, it is a 3.5l, you said so yourself.

  • Auto recyclers can find you those parts. I’ll wager that Advance Auto or Auto Zone’s websites also list them by year, make, model and motor size. Where ya been looking? At the bottom of cereal boxes?

  • Just a wild guess:   3.5 or 3500.

  • what dimensions you want? 

    213 cubic inches

  • It should be on a sticker underneath the hood, and more than likely on the engine cover itself.

    Apparently, the 5.3 and 3.9 were no longer offered in 2010.  You could only get the 3.5L.

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