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How do i get over the fact that my ex whom i am still friends with found a girl that he really likes and she likes him. He cheated on me and he kinda ruined me. Just yesterday he said he fully wasnt over me and now today he is bragging about moving on. Its driving me crazy. Im so upset. Any advice?

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  • aww sweetie I know it’s hard when your heart is hurting & the person who hurt you is sort of rubbing it in your face. Which, is a form of abuse to be honest. Imagine if you stayed with him & he enjoyed rubbing in your face whatEVER it was, watching him enjoy your suffering? First off, please realize you can do better & you deserve someone more in tune & sensitive to your feelings, wants & needs. Think about it honey, YOU don’t wish to hurt his feelings right? So, you need to see that his aim to hurt YOUR feelings isn’t very healthy. Just watch, LET him find his dream girl, pray for him & especially her, as in the beginning when it’s in your face, you have to know soon after when he sees you are NOT going to react or show you’re upset & will quicken the reality that he’ll have to sooner reveal his real self to her. Once she’s tired of his insensitivity to HER feelings & he’s moved on to do exactly what he did to you, but now to her, she’ll also be feeling the sting & might even consult with you then, don’t be surprised. Even if it does hurt sweetie, DO NOT SHOW him how hurt you are, in fact, handle yourself with grace, class & rise above it & focus on what YOU need, maybe even set aside getting into another relationship & work on other aspects of your life that make you strong & fulfilled. I’d find a great church that suits you to get involved with attending a weekly service, as well as an additional weekly bible study. This is only one of the important elements in your life, but one that will provide comfort, protection & guidance with moving forward. Then find where or how you will stay in good physical shape, now this will be an in your face to him, if he sees you’re moving on with joy & patience, looking totally at peace where nothing he says or does upsets you, in fact you encourage his happiness. It will probably cause him great confusion & he might even end up begging for your forgiveness. By then you may be so happy & strong, you will see a clearer picture that you deserve better & WANT better. And when you get it, you will see he did you a big fat favor by kicking you to the curb so cruelly then rubbing it in your face.

    Rise above it sweetie….. and find some clubs to join that find you surrounded by different healthier minded kind people, whether it’s a hiking, fishing, book, something involving the church, volunteer work, a new hobby like cooking, playing an instrument like guitar or just grabbing up lots of good books. Reading great books that interest you bring you in to a whole different world that is just great to dive in to & it raises up your vocabulary as well, so your communication is even better than ever so when you have new friendships or meet another person better suited to you.

    Just know you’re going to be fine & probably better than ever. It will just twist him up seeing that you suddenly look happy & unaffected by his twisted meanness.

    Also read in Corinthians about love & use it as your compass to discern whether the person in front of you is truly behaving or not, with LOVE. It’s 100% accurate.

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  • He’s messing with your head and why are you still friends with him if he Cheated on you and broke your heart you should cut him off completely seems like if things don’t go well with the new girl he’ll run back to you because he KNOWS you will always be there.

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