Examples of positive & negative stressors?

Writing a paper for psychology and need 5 examples of each

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  • Positives: 1.getting married/new boyfriend/girlfriend. 2. new job 3. starting college/university/new school

    4. moving 5. having a baby.

    Negatives: 1. death of a loved one. 2. divorce/separation/ending a relationship. 3. getting fired/laid off.

    4. illness. 5. victim of a crime.

  • Negative Stressors

  • Positive Stressors

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    Examples of positive & negative stressors?

    Writing a paper for psychology and need 5 examples of each

  • I have been severely depressed for the past 2-3 years. (until recently) Certain issues in my life have impacted this state and certain underlying issues have been around since childhood. I have had thoughts of suicide for very lengthy periods of time as well. It’s funny because before all of the depression, I was a pretty positive and confident person, but it’s amazing how you can hit a point in your life and start to go backwards. Rock bottom for me was entering a ‘black-hole’ , it’s the only way to explain it. A feeling of never-ending dark emptiness…you feel like you can’t climb out on your own, if at all. I took time to meditate over issues in my life. What I had to be thankful for. The people that I love. The little things that can make a big difference. Seeing people less fortunate even when I think I am the most pitiful person in the world. Letting go of the things I can’t change. Ignoring people who are selfish/arrogant. Being proud of who I was, am, and still have the chance to be. Taking it a day at a time. Still need to make as much as an impact on the world as I can. Stop thinking of what I don’t have and be proud for all I’ve accomplished on my own. Even if it’s not much. After you’ve hit rock bottom, what’s next? The road to the rest of your life.

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    I’ve been there. After a lifetime of depression realizing that I was no longer depressed was the strangest feeling… it feels a little empty doesn’t it? I spent a lot of time wanting to fill my life with some drama because without the emotional agony I felt lost, cold…almost numb. The negative chatter in my head went away and I worried that I was not longer ‘thinking’ properly. If you have thoughts like this, it is perfectly normal. You just need time to adjust to a new way of thinking after such a powerful struggle. The feeling itself fades once you replace the depression with constructive stressors. The types of constructive stressors which you may wish to engage are in are up to you. A lot of the joy is in the search for a new direction – finally having hopes and dreams for the future. I decided to finally kick my **** in gear and go to school. I chose psychology because my personal experience lead me to be the “counselor” in every group of friends I had. I turned my experience into something good for me, and the pressure/stress keeps my mind busy enough to keep me above the depression. Someone else may start a new job, learn to speak another language, get fit, travel, go on a spiritual journey, spend more time with their child, learn everything that interests them – read, volunteer, learn to play an instrument, paint, do something that they had always wanted to do…these are all examples. Just give yourself a new start now that you are able to. If you do this, the next time you start to feel depressed you’ll have something to fall back on that will help you, and a goal to strive towards. It will help to focus you. The longer you go without feeling depressed, the more time you will have to gain strength and control to deal with those feelings. In that sense, you are growing and improving every day, even on those days that you don’t do much. Remember that, and be patient with yourself. Internal work takes time. The greatest feeling is experiencing that first day of not thinking about yourself as someone who was depressed – just forgetting for a short while that it happened. It’s hard to describe how amazing that is. Good luck to you. Breathe.You’ll be just fine.

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