exhaust leak how to patch can i use tape.?

is there a high heat tape that i can buy to patch my exhaust just wrap it tightly around the crack? i tried the exhasut tape from auto store did not work at all. will that gorilla tape melt? the crack is on the muffler so it wont get really hot or anything like that cat.

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  • unfortunately there is NO tape that will take this kinda of abuse. otherwise NASA would be using it. its not really the tape, yet the glue that is applied to the tape to make it stick. and at the temps your talking about, well, just get the muffler replaced. No tape is accepted by any state inspection. so your gonna have to do it eventually.

  • The muffler still get around 200°+ hot, so the gorilla tape will not stay on for too long. If your try with the exhaust tape didn't work then that's it. Bring it muffler shop and see if there suggest welding it back or just replace the whole muffler.

    Want to try it again? http://www.permatex.com/products/Automotive/specia...

  • are we talking about a car or a small engine? car hell no, gorilla tape wont work. exhaust wrap might though. i would actually advise muffler paste, by permetex. just dont use it on a joint or any kind because its a bit brittle, unless you use gorilla glue or something with it. but at high temperatures it will probably burn the gorilla glue up. you can probably use jb weld but ive never tried it, and you need something to keep it in the shape you want until it hardens. so you might be able to use a sheet of aluminum from home depot and jb weld if you use a metal brush or sandpaper to get off all the rust and dirt from the muffler first.

  • The exhaust wrap is VERY temporary. The only real fix is to replace the muffler. Anything else will not last very long at all.

  • Are you sure it is not just the outer skin of the muffler, they are usually double walled.

    If your car doesn't sound a hell of a lot louder the muffler isn't leaking and I would let it go.

    If it's actually leaking exhause, I'd replace it.

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