Expired Diflucan?

I just discovered we have some Diflucan in the house but it’s VERY expired (Like 2+ years) is it dangerous?

Correction, it’s 5 years old. And are you sure it’s not dangerous because I’m about ot take it.

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  • The pharmaceutical companies put expiration dates on medications that don’t exactly expire on the date and year they have posted on the bottle, and it has been proven by some studies that medications are good up to two years after suggested expiration. Prescription companies put expirations onto bottles because they have to by law- so by putting on an earlier date makes sure the prescriptions will be good and gets consumers to buy more without actually needing more.

    Diflucan is a strong drug and you say it is past the 2+ mark so that might be a little iffy… it may or may not work and could have lost some of its effectiveness.

    Here is a website that I found that has more info on expired prescriptions- http://www.endtimesreport.com/Prescription_longevi

    Good Luck and I hope you feel better!

    Add: 5 years old? eh, I don’t know about 5 years… it might make you nauseous since it has the ability to do that anyway…

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    Expired Diflucan?

    I just discovered we have some Diflucan in the house but it's VERY expired (Like 2+ years) is it dangerous?

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    I have sometimes taken expired meds if the lids have been on tight, no weird odor,not dissolved or crumbled, or I am just plain broke.Some lose their effectiveness though. So U may be wasting your time. call your Dr. He/or She would be better to ask, to be on safe side.Good Luck& Feel Better… 🙂

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  • Anything past it’s expiry date isn’t wise to use! Especially two years! The expiry is there because usually by that point the pill will have lost it’s ability to help what it is you’re taking it for. Especially with a fungus of whatever kind.

  • my brother works for Roche Pharma, he says drugs do not turn into something else, so they are not harmful, they may loose their potency after time, but there won t be any bad side effects, it just won t work, or you ll need to up the dosage.

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  • yep, give it to your pharmasist, they dispose of it properly

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