Explain 5 reasons why global warming due to increased greenhouse gasses is beneficial to mankind (think of nature’s benefit).?


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  • Increased greenhouse gases should moderately warm the climate particularly by increasing the coldest winter and night temperatures. This is generally good for both plants and animals except in the tropics but there is very little warming in the tropics. Most of the warming is in the Arctic and cold places.

    Increased CO2 in the air allows plants to close their stomata, their breathing pores in the leaves, so they loose less water and therefore can thrive with less water.

    The Roman period was a very warm period and that is when the Romans advanced their empire. To focus solely on their demise is a bit disingenuous IMO. The dark ages followed the Roman period. A thousand years ago, when it warmed again, the medieval warm period occurred and again life in Europe had relative prosperity.

    The Crusades were a response to the invasion of Muslims into the holy lands and not due to cold. Although politically incorrect by the left today, they don’t represent a crisis related to climate.

    The industrial revolution sprang from the use of coal and steam power IMO and was relatively independent of climate.

  • Yush is entirely correct. We made our greatest advances when it was colder. Of course he has no understanding about mankind enough to recognize WHY. The reason is the same reason why locations where the weather is bad tended to have FAR more technological advances than locations where it is not. Man needs challenge to progress. Necessity is the mother of invention.

    What yush is actually proving is entirely the opposite of what he claims to be proving. But he constantly shows a disregard for logic.

    Fact is that the ENTIRE paleoclimate record show more warming and more CO2 equates to more plant life. While anonymous, Yush and ray promote LIES and half truths. I am going to tell you the WHOLE truth.


    1.) More plant life at higher elevations

    2.) more plant life further towards the poles.

    3.) longer growing seasons.

    4.) Less cold snaps


    1.) Sea level rise. It is only currently 1.7 mm/year, but this will cause problem over the long run.

    2.) more heat waves.

    Currently indeterminate:

    1.) extreme weather – aside from heat and cold waves the link is tenuous. Further some forms of extreme weather seem to be decreasing, not increasing.

    2.) Ocean acidification- we currently can’t tell if this is having a negative affect at all. Our dumping, overfishing and shipping lanes are having a very negative affect on coral in inhabited regions, but the coral in uninhabited regions are doing very well.

    Unlike the half-truths that ray and Yush try to spread through misinformation, global warming and CO2 emissions come with both positive and negative affects. Like most things, it not all black and white. Now should we reduce our CO2 emissions? Absolutely. But we should not view this as an impending catastrophe because there is literally no evidence that it is an impending catastrophe.

    If we instead view it as a problem to work on, then we put it in real perspective and can work on real solutions. Taxing our way to a better tomorrow is NOT a real solution, it is an idiotic pipe dream created by people trying to sell catastrophe instead of thoughtful solutions.

    When people are constantly only telling you half of the truth… they are usually selling you something.

    BTW, for evidence of the benefits that I mentioned, you can easily find out that the earth is indeed getting greener and that crop production is indeed increasing. There certainly may be causes for both that are not AGW and CO2 emissions, but the claim that AGW and CO2 emission are decimating plant life seems pretty ridiculous given the facts.

    Now if you want to follow Yush’s logic to the ultimate conclusion of us needing to cause some serious problems, so that we may advance, then I guess that is a way to go, but honestly I don’t think that is the best idea. I think our current system of capitalism provides the motivation to advance. Take the advancement over the last 80 years, as an example. Since that came on the back of a warming trend, the ideology that we need cold in order to advance does not really make much sense any more.

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