Explaining The Bad End Night Series Please!!! (Vocaloid)?

The vocaloid Bad End Night Series… I don’t get it! Can someone explain it to me! I’m really confused!

4 Answers

  • Here’s a site that will explain what’s happening in the songs, but since the story isn’t over yet, you might not get the full story.


  • Vocaloid Night Series

  • Well, basically it’s a song about mystery in the house, and about a murderer. When Miku was invited to the house, she thinks that everyone (in the song) are the murderer or kill people by inviting them in (when she sees the coffin), and kills them all by thinking that they’ll kill her soon, but if you see another part of Bad End Night, you’ll know they all were confuse about coffin, and who killed who in the house… Hoped I help ^_^

  • Hey , i asked myself the same question while ago , and i found this website , the explanation is really clear , great and short ^^


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