express the product (2x-1)(3x+4) as a trinomial?

1. 5x^2+9x-4



46x^2 + 5x-4

8 Answers

  • This is a simple FOIL problem

    (2x-1)(3x+4) =

    6x^2 +8x-3x-4 = 6x^2+5x-4

    Choice 3 <-----Answer


  • follow FOIL

    multiply the First terms: 2x(3x)=6x^2

    multiply the Outside terms: 2x(4)=8x

    multiply the Inside terms: -1(3x)=-3x

    multiply the Last terms: -1(4)=-4




  • (2x-1)(3x+4)

    Multiply each term in the first group by each term in the second group using the FOIL method. FOIL stands for First Outer Inner Last, and is a method of multiplying two binomials. First, multiply the first two terms in each binomial group. Next, multiply the outer terms in each group, followed by the inner terms. Finally, multiply the last two terms in each group.


    Simplify the FOIL expression by multiplying and combining all like terms.


    Remove the parentheses around the expression 6x^(2)+5x-4.



  • the answer would be 4. Its a simple FOIL problem: F.first O.outer I.inner L.last

    First: you multiply 2x and 3x and get 6x^2


    Outer: you multiply 2x and 4 and get 8x


    Inner: you multiply -1 and 3x and get -3x


    Last: you multiply -1 and 4 and get -4

    Then, since you can only simplify 8x and -3x to get 5x

    the answer would be: 6x^2+5x-4

  • (2x - 1)(3x + 4) =

    6x^2 + 8x - 3x - 4 =

    6x^2 + 5x - 4.

    answer 4. 6x^2 + 5x - 4 is correct.

  • Use FOIL.




    (3) is the correct answer.

  • Just expand out the brackets:

    6x^2 +8x -3x - 4

    6x^2 + 5x -4

    Answer 4.

  • 4 is the correct answer i just got the question wrong on an online test

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