Fake rednecks? Hiw to get rid of them?

Alright. I’m getting pretty fed up with these stupid wanna be rednecks. They buy a truck throw whips on it and get boots. Then us guys that actually live / work on a farm get the name rednecks. So I asked these guys where they worked or lived and most of them worked at McDonald’s or Walmart. These guys wear boots and have a fake southern accent ( I’m in the north) and I don’t speak like that. My truck had whips on it but I got whips on it because when were put in the field I need to get good reception 5 miles +. No my trucks not jacked up. I have good tires and 4 wheel drive. These guys are posers and are getting on my nerves. So on Monday were gonna wear our work boots to school. You’ll smell these boots from a mile away. So when we do were gonna put then in their places. You don’t see a guy walk in in a army uniform and not be in the army. That’s how this is. And the funniest thing is all 4 of these guys used to go to a private preppy school. Thanks for the help on how to get rid of these fake rednecks.

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  • you all stole/accepted the term too. should we get rid of you?

    “The term redneck comes from the West Virginia Coal Miners March or the Battle of Blair Mountain when coal miners wore red bandannas around their necks to identify themselves as seeking the opportunity to unionize.”

  • Fake Rednecks

  • You’re not a redneck either boy, you might just be a little country at best. Rednecks come from the appalachian mountains like me. You wouldnt know the first thing about it. They sell boots and trucks all over, but neither make the man. Just be who you are and let them do their thing. One thing you should know about a redneck is most of us mind our own business and do our own thing. We can survive on our own so there for other peoples business is not our concern. So spend a little less time worrying about boots.

  • Don’t worry about it so much i think if you were stinky shoes to school your just going to get made fun of. Let them be a bunch of fake posers. Just make fun of them and thats that really all you can do. Trust me when you get older its not going to matter what you think of other people or what people think of you. All that matters is if you amount to anything in your life. **** i’m only 25 and i wish i could go back in time and tell myself that. Would of saved me time worrying about what other people did and allowed me more time to worry about chasing women at that age. Thats all you need to worry about women and making them think your cool. Making fun of other people and wearing stinky boots is just going to make other girls think your stupid. Being funny impresses women, and being a gentleman does too. But don’t be a wuss be a man when its necessary like stand up for yourself hold doors open things like that but dont be a door mat, when you find that balance thats when you know you made it in life.

  • Im a country biy born in ky in nicholas county & being redneck or country is just who you are its in your blood so dont let none of them wanna be city slickers get to ya just be you and let them fake around their whole lives

  • They will either self destruct or they will grow up. Don’t self destruct trying to do it for them.

    Guy’s who have “Inner Game” (especially when it comes to women) have the quiet confidence that replaces their need of feeling like they have something to prove. Walking around acting like you have something to prove is a sure sign of insecurity, lack of self confidence. And it’s showing your immaturity.

    Cock-blocking is NOT a sign of inner game, either.

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