FedEx claims I received my package but I didn’t. can i get refund?

I ordered coach bag online few days ago

from official coach online shop. I tracked my package (from FedEx tracking system)

and it said : Left at front door. Package delivered to recipient address - release authorized.

i checked everywhere but i couldn't find my package.

who should i complain to?? what should i do?? please help me

3 Answers

  • The same thing happened to me last month. I ordered a phone, didn't receive it, and when I tracked my package it said that it was delivered and the signature release was authorized. To this day i still don't understand that because i never authorized anything. Especially not for them to just leave a $400 cell phone on my apartment steps with out anyone to sign for or receive it. Turns out someone picked it up and i found it later on but they weren't gonna do anything to fix the problem.

  • Fedex Release Authorized

  • call fed ex and place a claim also notify the shipper that you never received the package and want to reorder. the shipper should also be able to tell you were to go with the complaint. When they make deliveries its up to the drivers to decide if its safe to leave the package OR if they need to leave a slip and try to redeliver. You can also dispute with your CC so you dont have to pay for something you didnt get!

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