Fellow Christians, are Fray Bentos steak and kidney pies halal in your denomination?

In Catholicism we can’t eat them on Friday’s and during Lent.

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  • Acts 10

    Peter’s Vision

    9 The next day, as they went on their journey and drew near the city, Peter went up on the housetop to pray, about the sixth hour. 10 Then he became very hungry and wanted to eat; but while they made ready, he fell into a trance 11 and saw heaven opened and an object like a great sheet bound at the four corners, descending to him and let down to the earth. 12 In it were all kinds of four-footed animals of the earth, wild beasts, creeping things, and birds of the air. 13 And a voice came to him, “Rise, Peter; kill and eat.”

    14 But Peter said, “Not so, Lord! For I have never eaten anything common or unclean.”

    15 And a voice spoke to him again the second time, “What God has cleansed you must not call common.” 16 This was done three times. And the object was taken up into heaven again.

    Our only food rules are , don’t be a glutton, don’t eat food dedicated to idols, and if by eatning something in front of someone who would get offended in faith (not like eating a burger in front a vegan) you should avoid doing so

    Now if you were indeed a “fellow” Christian you would not be using an Islamic word that is found no where in Christendom

  • lol 😀

    they dont care

  • Kidneys are full of piss and I dont care what hal is eating.

  • What?

  • We’re not under Islamic Law.

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