Ferrari redefines speed with the F12 replacement

One might come to question Ferrari’s choice in model names of late. We uttered confused giggles when we first heard of the LaFerarri; but these giggles changed to weird, sometimes sexual, sounds of bliss when we saw the final rendering in the flesh and on the run. But it seems that Ferrari is far from burying their latest, very literal, name generator, which apparently derives inspiration from Hot Wheels.

Ferrari has everyone excited about their F12 replacement which will be unveiled at the 87th Geneva motor show. Seeing as they claim that this will be the most powerful and fastest road car in Ferrari’s history, they decided to call it the 812 Superfast. With a name like that, I do hope that we will see speed being redefined. Maybe we will have to refer to cars reaching ‘superspeed’ in the near future?

What we do know is that Ferrari is serious about this car, as it is somewhat of an anniversary gift to themself; that is their 70-year-V12-production-anniversary. Powered by a 6.5-litre V12 which produces 588 kW (788 BHP) at 8500 rpm Ferrari promises that this will be the Ferrari for those searching for a no-nonsense, mid-front-engined sports car for the road and the track that is comfortable enough to tear down the daily commute. Said daily commute should be particularly exhilarating with those 788 horses being ushered by 718 Nm of torque at 7000 rpm – 80% of which will already be available at 3500 rpm.

Façade-wise the 812 Superspeed (pause for chuckles) looks very similar to the F12, but with some stylistic changes – changes that to my eye make it look like Ferrari put a F12 and a Corvette Z06 in a dark room and cued the George Michael. Not that it’s a bad thing. Not at all. The F12 was a piece of art to behold, but the 812 Superfast (catch your breath) seems more purposefully designed. Like it will allow you to be comfortable at lower speeds, but it won’t really tolerate any of that nonsense – it wants to be driven. The fastback styling and muscular wheelarches are testament to Ferraris of old that desired to be driven colliding with modern standards of art in motion.

Even the interior has been redesigned to compliment the more aggressive nature of exterior by being given a sportier feel with some of the main elements seeming to be airborne. The dash loops horizontally around the central airvents which creates an “infinity” type look. Combined with new sportier and more ergonomic seats, the cabin promises to be something worth spending your time in.

All of this promise comes in a package which will allegedly be propelled from o to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds and reach a top speed exceeding 340 km/h. Hashtag excitement?

It seems like the 812 Superspeed (…) is something to look forward to. We don’t know how soon after Geneva we will be blessed with its appearance on our roads just yet, but we can only hope that it will be worth the wait.

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