Find 8 elements named after towns

Find 8 elements named after towns


Dubnium, Darmstadtium, Beryllium (Belur, India), Berkelium, Yttrium, Terbium, Erbium, and Ytterbium. (Last 4 are from Ytterby, Sweden.)

an active site is a region that is present on an enzyme where the reactants or the substrate molecules we can say bind and experience a chemical reaction. the substrate is basically a reactant whose concentration is changing and that is converting into a product after binding at the active site of an enzyme


9.9 years

step-by-step explanation:

a = p(1 + rt) . . account balance after time t at rate r starting with principal p

3000 = 2500(1 + 0.0202t) . . filling in the given numbers

1.2 = 1 + 0.0202t . . divide by 2500

0.2 = 0.0202t . . . subtract 1

0.2/0.0202 = t ≈ 9.901

it will take about 9.9 years for the account balance to reach $3000.

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