finger is to hand as leaf is to ?

a-twig b- tree c-branch. d- blossom.

10 Answers

  • a- twig

  • Sorry, the right answer would be blossom. You can easily have a leafless twig or branch, so a leaf is not an integral part of either. But a hand without fingers would be called a palm- you need fingers to have a hand.

    Similarly, you need petals to have a blossom. And petals are just a form of leaves, specialized for the reproductive organ...

  • Hand Leaf

  • I would say tree is the body, branch is the arm, twig is the hand, leaf is the finger.

    unrelated to the question, but to include all the answers, bark would be the skin, and blossom would either be hair or fingernails i suppose. red herrings either way.

  • the hand is an attachment to the body , the body is the tree, the hand is the branch, the palm is the twig the finger is the leaf and the flesh is the bark

  • Twig

  • Fingers stick off the hand, leaves stick off the twigs

  • Twig is the correct answer

  • Branch. logically must be the right answer?

  • tree

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