First job in retail questions ?

So I have an interview for a job in retail a (clothing store ) I’ve had a job in retail before but I didn’t have to deal with deliveries as I was there for a short time anyway what does it mean to deal with deliveries ?does it just mean bringing the stock in and putting it out ? How much deliveries are there in the week on average and Also would I be expected to do a delivery myslef.  Might sound silly but I have no idea and would like to know what exactly I will be doing as I want to make sure that I am aware of all these things before my interview , also what would you say the Major difference is working in a supermarket and a clothing store.

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  • Dealing with deliverries could mean several things, as you have an interview and they already know from your CV or appliction you have no experience in retail clothing it is likely to be the basics, so you have a  delivery on x date, likely weekly/twice weekly or maybe even daily which you will have to sign for, so before you sign you need to check the list of epected items with what has been deleivered to make sure everything is deleivered that should be as signing you are making yourself responsible  that you have checked the list…normally done by someone more responxible like the manager/supervisor, so it could mean when deliveries have arrived you are responsible for restocking

  • You can always ask them this when you get to an interview. 

    Usually a retail associate doesn’t do deliveries. At least I never did deliveries while I was working in retail and I’ve worked for a few clothing stores. It could mean checking what was ordered and putting away freight that comes into the store, I have done that before.

  • When you “deal with deliveries” it means that someone will be dropping off a shipment at your store and you need to make sure that everything on the list is actually delivered.

    Think of it like checking a package that you get from Amazon – you open it up – you make sure everything you ordered is in the package – and if it is not – you file the correct complaint to get it fixed.

    You would be taught how to read the paperwork to know what the delivery guy should be dropping off.  You would learn what you need to check to be sure that all the items are right.  Once you have agreed that everything was delivered, you would sign a form that says everything was there.

    Personally – I have never worked in a supermarket or a clothing store.  I worked in fast food and did deal with the deliveries of supplies to the fast food location.  As for the difference between supermarket and clothing stores – everyone needs food and most people get what they want and leave.  When it comes to clothing, customers don’t always know what they want and you may deal with a few more people who you just can’t make happy no matter how you try to help them.

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