“Flesh Of The Stars” website (from the movie “Knocked Up”) ?

Is there really a site like fleshofthestars.com??? lol! JUST CURIOUSE

Im talking about a site LIKE flesh of the stars. Because that website doesnt really exist

4 Answers

  • It’s based off the website Mrskin.com

  • Flesh Of The Stars

  • https://shorturl.im/xd3wd

    I would, I’d be the daft one that goes down to the cellar for the beer, the lights switch off and as I go to the fridge I hear footsteps and a sound that resembles a knife going along a wall. And I’d take a swig of beer and sigh and say “great, looks like I’m next”…..

  • Type it in. You’ll find out first hand.

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