Floor burn from volleyball?

i got floor burn during a game to save a ball…then i did it again at pratice and it got worse. I put neosporin on it. How do i get it heal faster?

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  • PolySporin heals scrapes and cuts fast.



  • I would recommend wearing knee high volleyball sock that go under your kneepads. If it is still sore than it wouldn’t hurt to put some Neosporin on some gauze and tape it around your leg. The knee high socks will prevent future floorburns. It will most likely scar, but you can put Mederma on it after it heals. The Mederma has faded my scars from volleyball.

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    Due to the repetitive sliding and peeling off the scab it is a high possibility it will scar. You have to make sure you clean it so dirt and or an infection doesn’t get into it. Wrapping gauze and taping it up could help a little bit to secure the scab. I know it will look weird but wearing a long sock will add cushion to the area. Hope it feels better

  • Ah I hate floor burn. Neosporin definitely helps. Also put a bandaid on it before you go to bed, and if it’s really bad; when you play as well so it doesn’t happen again.

  • i put neosporin and sometime vitamin E oil but that’s not cheep also put Vaseline over the neosporin and or vitamin E oil then put a band aid over it and to get rid of the scar go over it when it heals with a razor a couple of times to exfoliate the skin.this really works:)hope this helps

  • If it stings then maybe you want to put some pre wrap and see if that helps. Also next time (if they are on your leg) switch to long socks. You are actually suppose to fall flat, not on your legs or knees.

  • neo will help with the scars and disinfectant portion of it, but if you’d like it to heal faster you actually need to keep it dry, so i would say bandage it the first nite with neo and a bandaid, then keep it open and let it breath.

    and if ure a real player…get used to it, ure gonna keep getting them, and keep reopening them….play through it and deal with it….

  • eat healthy and get enough sleep

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