FMA Question: What does Scar’s tattoo mean?

I know he got it from his brother, and it is the ‘Right Arm of Destruction’, but what does the actual symbol mean?

I’ve seen many versions of the tattoo, ranging from scaled snakes to large winged arrows and such, so does his tattoo alter during the manga/anime?

If so, please post pictures and which each mean.

thank you very much!

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  • That….is a good question. I don’t think it’s something they’ve revealed in the manga or the anime. Some fans speculate that it represents the philosopher’s stone, but I don’t think that’s right. I guess your best bet would be to search for alchemic symbols and circles and translate those words. If it helps, I found a little something on the words:

    dopo la terra sic ca a ndan, colia

    The exact ordering of the words can be disputed. Some animation and even some books incorrectly show the second word as “aa” rather than “la”. Of the words, “colia” is probably the greek “Kolia” latinized and means “voice of god” which may be a religious allusion to the Philosopher’s Stone. The word “ndan” may or may not be the biblical Adam. The word “ca” is a Latin abbreviation of “Circa” The phrase may not seem correct when translated into English because it was translated into Latin from Japanese.

    I got the info from here; an article about Scar, if you’re interested:…

    I believe this is the full tattoo——–>…

    I don’t think the tattoo was ever altered on Scar’s arm. I think it might have changed when it was transfered. I’ve found the tattoo that you see on Scar’s arm, and another tattoo——————>…

    I think the second version is what you see on the wall when Scar goes to get his brother and find that he has done human transmutaion and again when he meets the exiled ishbalan.

    Sorry I can’t tell you more, I don’t know the first thing about alchemy……

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  • this is what I’ve come up with when I googled the Latin translation.

    terra: land/earth

    a ndan: son

    colia: sky

    so it could mean the son of the land and sky. which could relate to god, but it’s an incomplete translation and the meaning is almost impossible to decipher.

    it also comes up as;

    terra: land/earth

    a ndan: reign/son

    colia: sky

    so it could also be the reign of the son of the sky and earth? if anyone has any better translations I would love to see them. this is just a guess.

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  • The land of Eden is surrounded by the voice of God.

    But since it is latin, old greek and italian translated to japanese and than back again….it could mean anything.

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