Foodlion didnt give my change?

My 13 year old daughter who has anxiety and autism had went in the store to pick up a few groceries. I gave her 50$ only 21$ was spent. My daughter said she stood waiting for the change and receipt for 2 minutes but didnt get it. My daughter was too scared to say anything since she has social anxiety and was scared to get yelled at. When we got home I noticed there wasn’t $50 worth of groceries. I asked her how much she spent and she told me $21 and some change. When I asked her where the rest of the money went, she told me the lady never gave her the receipt or the change. 

If I contacted the grocery store and told them about this, would they give me back the money that wasn’t spent and my receipt? Or how should I go about this? I know there’s a lot of people who wouldn’t speak up to the cashier if this happened to them. What should I do and will the store offer / give me my money back if I called?

(My daughter was too scared to tell me that the cashier didn’t give her the money and receipt.)

She came out with only these items. She is a very honest and very guilty person, I would have known if she lied. She wouldnt hid if she got anything else because I told her get whatever she needs.

I have a very low immune system and have cancer. She begged me to not go in with her being scared I would get coronavirus and die.

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  • The first port of call should be the store manager.  Just be calm and not accusatory.  Explain that  because you are ill you had to send your daughter to the store.  She didn’t get her change and receipt but was too shy to speak up.  You’d appreciate the matter being looked into.  Give the date, approximate time of day, if possible which checkout, and what you bought out of the $50 presented.  Modern cash registers record what was bought for stock control purposes as well as calculate change due.  Between this and the security camera it should be possible to verify the transaction and see if the change was handed over.  Write down all the points you want to raise before calling so you don’t get flustered and be polite but firm.  It’s easier to get people to do your job if you frame it as constructively putting a mistake right.

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  • I’m calling BS on this whole story.  The Anon posting is just the first warning flag.

  • No idea how much “50$” and “12$” is.

  • just call the local police. Just see the CCTV footage. Who is guity & who is vitim

  • For heavens sake call and speak to the manager. The register tape will show cashier time and date. The till will show overage. Don’t send your 13 year old to the store

  • i would talk to the manager at the store about it

  • What kind of a mother are you? Knowing her condition you sent her alone, are you that lazy? You deserve it…

  • how does a 13 year old kid with autism and anxiety go to the store by herself?

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