For each account. identify whether the normal balance is a debit (dr) or credit (cr).

For each account, identify whether the normal balance is a debit (DR) or credit (CR) f. Herman, Capital a. Notes Payable b. Herman, Withdrawals c. Service Revenue d. Land e. Unearned Revenue g. Utilities Expense h. Office Supplies i. Advertising Expense j. Interest Payable Choose from any drop-down list and then continue to the next question. O Type here to search


solution: Answer Reasorn CR Notes pavable herman, withdrawal DR service revenue land unearned revenue CR herman, capital utilities expense office supplies advertising expense DR Interest payable Being a liabilit deducted from capital being a revenue being an asset Being deffered revenue Being a capital being an expense being an asset being an expense Being a liabilit CR DR CR DR DR CR Minish Patel SEBI REGD RE... inish l STRICTLY ONCE EXIT FROM ALL Chllenge OPEN POSITION. 4 Sheet2 14 Sheet215 Sheet216 Sheet217 Sheet218 Sheet219 Sheet220 Sheet221 | sheet222 ENG 09:34 s 10/0/2018

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