For those I love I will sacrifice..?

I seen this as a tattoo quote, What exactly does this mean?

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  • ...whatever the individual is willing to sacrifice for those he loves... can't be life, only has one...

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    For those I love I will sacrifice..?

    I seen this as a tattoo quote, What exactly does this mean?

  • I find the statement “For those I love I will sacrifice…” to be improper. -

    “Concern for the welfare of those one loves is a rational part of one’s selfish interests. If a man who is passionately in love with his wife spends a fortune to cure her of a dangerous illness, it would be absurd to claim that he does it as a “sacrifice” for her sake, not his own, and that it makes no difference to him, personally and selfishly, whether she lives or dies.

    Any action that a man undertakes for the benefit of those he loves is not a sacrifice if, in the hierarchy of his values, in the total context of the choices open to him, it achieves that which is of greatest personal (and rational) importance to him. In the above example, his wife’s survival is of greater value to the husband than anything else that his money could buy, it is of greatest importance to his own happiness and, therefore, his action is not a sacrifice.

    But suppose he let her die in order to spend his money on saving the lives of ten other women, none of whom meant anything to him—as the ethics of altruism would require. That would be a sacrifice. Here the difference between Objectivism and altruism can be seen most clearly: if sacrifice is the moral principle of action, then that husband should sacrifice his wife for the sake of ten other women. What distinguishes the wife from the ten others? Nothing but her value to the husband who has to make the choice—nothing but the fact that his happiness requires her survival.

    The Objectivist ethics would tell him: your highest moral purpose is the achievement of your own happiness, your money is yours, use it to save your wife, that is your moral right and your rational, moral choice.”

    ” The Ethics of Emergencies,” The Virtue of Selfishness, 45 – Ayn Rand

  • I think it means, what will you sacrifice for those you love. To what lengths will you go to help a loved one. Just to answer, I, personally, would give my life for those I love dearly.

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    So, you're saying I don't love my mother or friends? Because it doesn't hurt to love them? I don't really recall them causing me any suffering. They are really going to be disappointed when I break the news to them that my love isn't real.

  • Seems like this person will do everything for the sake of his/her loved ones...

  • It has something with joining the military to protect America... something like that...that guy you saw with the tattoo is probably in the military and has a buzz cut...

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