ford colour da3. What colour is it?

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  • I thought this would be an easy one to find out! Turns out it isn’t at all (which is probably why you’re here). Anyhow, I found this website below with somebody having a similar problem to you:

    “Best not to mess around with trying to find the codes on the VIN plate as i found out ! DA3 was my paint code , turned out it didnt match to anything , even halfords could not match it as their database is 3 years out of date ! Best bet is to phone your local ford dealer and provide the cars registration.”

  • Amparo Blue is Da3 code for Ford Focus

    Halfords 395129-00

  • My code is DA3 and I ve a 2006 Ford Focus Zetec.

    It s metallic blue and the invoice shows the colour as Aquarius (Metallic).

    This was the colour used for the car in the Ford brochure and adverts at the time, so is a common colour for this age of car..

  • This is the same code as my 2005 focus which is grey.I work in a body repair center and the colour for my car is sea grey.Be sure when ordering the paint to check to see if there are any options on shade,as some times there are many different shades of the same colour.Paint swotches are usually the best way to get the correct shade

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  • silver 03 on a 06 focus

  • metalic blue/grey

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