Formalin and methanal are both synonymous with formaldehyde

All are true or false questions. 1. Paraffin treatments have a long history of use in the medical industry for reducing pain from rheumatism. True or False? 2. Microorganisms in foot spas cannot enter through the skin. True or False? 3. The average hair, skin, and nails have a pH level of 5, generally falling between 4.5 and 6. True or False? 4. Soaps typically make the skin ore acidic than synthetic detergents. True or False? 5. Formalin and Methanal are both synonymous with Formaldehyde. True or False? 6. Unlike hepatitis B, there is no vaccination for hepatitis C. True or False? 7. Microbes can also exist on seemingly unlikely products, like bars of soap, for example. True or False? 8. Overexposure to EMA may cause irritations to eyes, skin, and respiratory tract. True or False?


1. True statement as paraffin treatment is useful in osteoporosis and the rheumatism arthritis generally to reduce pain and inflammation. 2. False as microorganisms in foot spas can generally enter through the broken skin as well as from the abrasions. 3. True statement regarding the pH of hair, skin, and nails 4. False statement as sops makes the skin more alkaline than the syntetic detergents as in saponiofication process alkaline content is used in soaps 5. True statement as formalin is 40% formaldehyde also known as metanal ( suffix -al in IUPAC used for aldehyde) 6. False statement as per the CDC report 7. True statement as microbes can also exist on seemingly unlikely products, like bars of soap and further can spread 8. True as overexposure to EMA (Ethyl methacrylate) can cause irritaions to eyes, skin and respiratory tract

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