found pill what is it? white, oblong imprint 44 369?

8 Answers

  • why are you picking up unknown pills?

  • 44 369 White Oblong

  • Acetaminophen 500mg Pamabrom 25mg Pyrilamine 15mg

  • Why don’t you just throw it out if you don’t know what it is?? You could check the prescription medication guide at your local library, but you shouldn’t take it anyway.

  • Go to where they have a pill identifier that can help you decipher the pill

  • OTC generic Midol

    BUT I don’t know how accurate this is, so whatever you do DON’T take the pill

  • My first suggestion is to just flush it down the toilet.

    If you really must know what it is, take it to a pharmacist and ask.

  • Sounds like ecstacy ?

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