free neocash card codes that work?

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  • If you want, you can always use this site to get NeoCash. It is free, but they make you work for it.

    You sign up and fill out surveys and each survey is worth so many points. Once you have 100 points you can order a card (they really just email you the code). When you do the search, click the free and instant box. Don’t do the ones that cost money, that’s just silly. I did 5 free surveys and it took me about an hour to earn 100 points for one card. Hope that helps!

  • Neocash Codes

  • Here’s another site where u fill out surveys and offers to earn ur Neopoints.

    I think it’s easier on this site. Only 10 points for a Neopets 10 dollar card.

    If you do the 100% free offers, you can get 10 points in one afternoon.

    Here’s the link. Good luck.

  • Use a website that gives gift cards out for free for doing things like surveys or watching videos. GAFF is a good example and my favourite:

  • If you go to the NeoMall, you can get 150 free neocash. At least you could last week.

  • well if people say it online, then the other people will use it already please put me as best answer

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