Full leg and bikini wax?

I’m going on holiday on this Tuesday, and have a full leg and bikini wax booked for Saturday.

I am of course expecting it to be painful, especially around the bikini area.

But what happens when it comes to the bikini? Will I have to take my knickers off? Spread my legs?

I’m 17, so obviously a bit embarrassed when it comes to things like that.

Also, it says it’ll last for 4 weeks? My hair grows back SUPER fast. If I shave my legs or bikini, there will be a fair amount of stubble the next day. Also when I used to have my eyebrows waxed, they grew back after about 6 days, not 3 weeks! So will it really last 4 weeks?!


Also, how long does the hair around the bikini line need to be?

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  • im a qualified beauty therapist so know this well lol.

    the bikini hair needs to be a few mm long, not too long so dont worry. if the hairs are very short it will still work but there may be a few hairs left that they may remove with tweezers.

    for the bikini area, it depends how much hair youre having off. if its the full lot then your pants will be moved around for the hair to be removed. some people choose to remove them but your modesty will always be protected with a towel. you will NEVER be lying there with everything on show so dont worry!

    if this is your 1st wax then dont expect it to last 4 weeks, its probably going to be around 2 weeks. the more you have then the less the hair grows back and the length between waxes will increase.

    It will be painful but the result will be well worth it. dont wear any tight underwear after the waxing as your skin will be sore. expect redness for a couple of days after.

    Good luck.

  • Leg And Bikini Wax

  • When you get your bikini wax, you leave your underwear on but you just pull it in towards the middle and have the hair waxed off each side of your underwear. The therapist usually asks you to flop your leg to one side and you hold your underwear in and pull the skin taut while they do it. It does take your breath away a bit but only for a few seconds.

    Personally, I am pretty much like you, my hair grows back quite quickly, in my own experience of waxing, I haven’t been hair-free for 4 weeks afterwards, I had some regrowth after about 2 and a half weeks.

    It also depends on what hair is still under the skin waiting to come through, of course the therapist cannot wax out what hasn’t come through so the regrowth you get may well be hairs that were just about to come through at the time of waxing, not the hairs that were pulled out. Good luck!

  • Blue78 pretty much answered perfectly. They are very nice and dont worry, they see hundreds of women each day, it would take a lot to scare them.

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