Gemini guy broke my heart.?

Ok so I know I’m best matched for Gemini and Aquarius (I’m a libra) but my ex-boyfriend is a Gemini and I just don’t get some of his tendencies. I can tell he’s free spirited, doesn’t hold grudges and is a social butterfly when hanging out. All of these things are just like me. I get that. But he is not affectionate, really blunt (to the point of hurting my feelings) and flighty when it comes to monagamous relationships. If you want to hear the worst of it, he left me recently when he found out I was pregnant w/ his child and this child is going to be a Gemini too! Any ways to clue me in on what possibly could have happened here?

To Leistos: I am sorry everyone’s bashing Gemini’s right now, but I am too! Honestly, I’d be bashing ANY sun sign though that left me in the situation I’m in. Don’t take too much offense. I’m slowly but surely accepting the fact that he was just a BAD seed.

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  • Colleen, I have to empathize with you. I am semi-dating a Gemini as well and I am also a Libra. We sort of broke up a couple weeks ago but are still “together” I guess. He was very affectionate at the beginning of the relationship, but he is less now and it definitely hurts my feelings too. It weirds me out also that he still talks to his ex girlfriend and visits her family when he can too. He’s flirty with other girls and that pisses me off, so he may also not like monogamous relationships. I am so sorry to hear that he left you for that. To answer your question, it’s said that Geminis tend to be nervous, tense, and inconsistent. When he found out you were pregnant, he probably got nervous and “flew” to leave you. With Geminis, it’s sort of all about them when it comes to how relationships work. They’re bossy, self-centered, and inconsiderate at times when it comes to their significant others’ feelings, though they may feel bad, they tend to not do much to make you feel better.

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    Gemini guy broke my heart.?

    Ok so I know I'm best matched for Gemini and Aquarius (I'm a libra) but my ex-boyfriend is a Gemini and I just don't get some of his tendencies. I can tell he's free spirited, doesn't hold grudges and is a social butterfly when hanging out. All of these things are just like…

  • Let me state this first, being a Gemini has nothing to do with bailing out on you when he’d found out you were pregnant. He is simply being a punk who tries to avoid being responsible and being a man enough to take care a child whether he wants it or not.

    That being said, I feel for you about those Geminis. I too was with on recently. Everything were suppodely great until he ‘disappeared’. Me and this guy were on and off… But this time, I’d made it clear there is no more re-entering my life ever again.

    What to say about those Gemini men, their mental unstable (two-faced) ways and their way of breaking things off? I believe in your situation, it could be many reasons. The main one is that you told him you were pregnant or he either could have lost interested and got bored.

    To keep a Gemini man interested, you must have a don’t give a damn attitude about him as it will draw him even more to you, kinda like make him work hard for you. But even if that work, there still be something else that’ll make them run away. So at the end, there really no definite thing a woman can do to keep the Gemini consistent I hate to say.

    Some of them even have a hard time figuring out themselves as much as you try to figure out them. They can also drive you up the wall and make you go crazy but thankfully I still have some sanity left. Sorry for ranting a bit but it ticks me off when some people exhibit those type of behavior.

    I bet your ex will come back around again and if he do, make it clear that his fickle peter pan a** either stick around, be a man and help take care of his child or else you will see him in court. It might be the latter so be prepared.

    And one more thing– your child is a Gemini… please do whatever you can so the baby will not take after all of his or her daddy’s traits.

  • Good grief. This is all horrible. I’m a Gemini man and all of this couldn’t be further from the truth (at least concerning me). Your Gemini must have been raised rotten or something. I think that’s where most of it had to have come from. Or maybe I’m just the 1 exception in all the Gemini’s.

    Cause wow, in all these responses, and your question- it’s just like “What? I’m the opposite of that… but I’m still a Gemini.”


  • I have a feeling he has not left you. He probably just needs time to soak in the news. Gemini’s need lots of space. I understand your frustration with their behavior. I’ve experienced the same frustration. It’s just their way. I don’t believe you’ve heard the last of this man. Don’t crowd him, and he’ll always be there–in his own way, this is the key.

  • I spent 3 years with a gemini and I found his mood to change with the wind, he was very self centered, and cheated and lied like it was nothing….I am not saying this is how gemini’s are…but thats how he was…

    I am also a scorpio though, so we probably weren’t the best match in the first place.

  • I’m an Aquarius and I dated a Gemini for about two years off and on again….Gemini’s are very difficult to tie down…they loose interest very quickly. You would most definitely be better off at dating one if your sort of distant, aloof, and don’t have a problem keeping men on their toes. When dating a Gemini, keep your options open(keep your men in rotation)…..Gemini’s are very quick on their feet, and they love witty banter….don’t be too shy; just be kinda “out there” and you should have no problem attaining and keeping his interest….just to make it plain….they get very bored easily….sorry.

  • Geminis are notorious for being two-faced. That could be the start of your issues. Also, his star sign is just the beginning. He might be Aries rising for all you know. Also, if his birthday is early or late in Gemini, he could be influenced by Cancer or Taurus. Astrology can get very complex.

    In the meantime, concentrate on your little one.

  • If he isn’t ready to face his responsibility, then you shouldn’t worry about what happened or how to get him back. He ran because he is scared and can’t handle the thought of raising a child. The best thing for you to do is focus on your baby and doing what is best for him/her. Of course it would be great if he decided to step up, but if he doesn’t, its his loss. Don’t waste your time chasing someone who is obviously still a child themselves.

  • His brains r in his @ss that’s what it is …

    Sorry to hear that your pregnant!!

    But don’t think all gemini’s r the same ..cause their not!!..

    teach your son well & he will become a good MAN!!…

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