George Floyd was a criminal for counterfitting currency?

12 Answers

  • There is no evidence he knew the bill was counterfeit. Even if he did it didn’t justify his extra-judicial murder under Derek Chauvin’s knee.

  • The dozen or so times he’s been arrested and gone to prison are the reason he was a criminal. 

  • HE didn’t PRINT the money, you stupid CUNNT!

  • Banks are the real criminals

  • He was being held before being turned over to the Secret Service. 

  • there was no evidence that he knew he had a counterfeit twenty.  He was given the twenty by someone as far as I have been able to learn. 

  • Amongst other things. He was a violent, career criminal. The world is a little bit better without him in it.

  • He used a dud bill, maybe unknowingly.  He can’t be questioned or held to account because a cop either executed him on the spot or was acting in a way that was just deranged.  

  • George also was a world leader.

  • He was an utter scumbag.

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