getting rid of script error messages?

How to fix script errors ?

I keep getting script error pop up notifications on my computer to continue running a script on a page or to end a script. i never had this problem until i uninstalled norton because it was about to expire and i had to download a new viris thing called system suite 10 professional. How can i fix this and stop having those annyoing script error messages always popping up? 🙁

Downloading new Java and Adobe Flash didn't help 🙁

as well i can't seem to find the snipping tool now anymore 🙁

3 Answers

  • Download Java and Adobe Flash that should help!

  • I too have been having the same problem and none of these resolve this issue! I have done everything I possibly know to do and I still receive these stupid script error messages! I also tried using Weatherbug 10 and all it does is just simply freeze up and stops responding! I m sick of trying to figure it out!

  • idiotic answer, doesn't help

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