Girl is angry at me for not asking her out but she never said she liked me?

Yo! I have morning class with this girl and apparently she likes me because her friend yelled at me for not asking her out. She says that this girl has been waiting for me to ask her out but I didnt even know about it because shes never talked to me ever. Not even once. I guess she thinks that by smiling at me I was supposed to know that she liked me but I am not a psychic right? So now she is really pissed at me and says I broke her heart. WTF did I do wrong? Am I supposed to think that every girl who smiles at me wants to date me? Did I do wrong?

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  • It’s called being “passive-aggressive”. That’s the way she’s been behaving. Women tend to operate more indirectly than us guys. They prefer signals and things like that. The problem is that we’re not mind readers as well as the fact that sometimes a woman can think that what’s in her head is going out into the world to be noticed, but really it’s just all in her head. This whole time she thinks that she’s been sending you “signals” and that you have been ignoring them on purpose to play hard to get or to be a prick.

    If you like her and want to ask her out, than by all means. But first you need to tell her and her friend that going about it the way they did, by assuming that you should be psychic, is a childish thing to do. Women hate being called childish, particularly when they’re trying to get your attention in “that way”. So let them have it. Teach them a lesson.

    The right girl for you isn’t the one who gets angry because you didn’t read her mind; the right one for you is the one who will actually approach you, or have a friend approach you and say, “my friend Jenn likes you…” or “what do you think of my friend Jenn?”.

    In the case where a girl gets a friend to ask that, never tell the friend what you actually think. Just know that that girl likes you and then if you like her, deal with her yourself and override the friend, because that business is childish too.

    Some women are just being friendly when they smile and that’s that; some are being teases, like the ones who bat their eyes at you and constantly want your attention, and the minute you get in there they’re no longer interested (those are the worst kind of girls; they’ve got self-esteem problems); and then there are the girls that are smiling at you because they actually like you and want you to do something. Pretty complicated, huh?

    With all the accessories we have to communicate these days, people are still pretty bad at it. We’ve got all kinds of social networking and ways to communicate directly with each other, and yet we still play these boring games.

    Open up your third eye now and “notice without letting women notice” that you’re noticing them notice you. Get it? Women send signals, be alive to these signals now and hang back and figure out over time by the woman’s behavior which of the three different kinds of woman she is and you’ll do great.

  • yeah…. you didn’t do anything but actually that’s what she is upset about :p

    try and talk to her, mentioning the things you wrote here….!

    good luck…

  • you did nothing wrong, welcome to manhood, our gf and later wives do fully expect us to be psychic and no I am totally not joking…good luck brother

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