girl on girl fight tips? 10 pts?

okay, i have a fight with a girl most likely this weekend, this is my first fight and she has been in many and is known pretty much as "vicious"...i've been told the best thing i could do is hold her down until she gives up but obviosuly, i am a extremely headstrong person and want to win the fight fair. i'm about 5'2, 120 and not very in shape, not skinny...she is around 5'0 and 110 i'd say...we both have braces also which people have told me she uses in the fight at times...she "bites" ha, so, any tips? tricks? don't tell me not to i know its stupid but i want and need too:)

& one other thing, how do i 'guard' parents will kill me and her if they know, i can't look to beat up so i have to be able to keep her off me and win the fight, fast.

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  • stay away from slapping go for punches to the faceʙʀᴇᴀsт and kick to the stomach and knees . also don't get too repetitive. pull on hair as hard as you can. when she is on the ground pound her face to the ground ans also if there is a fence nearby push and grate her head in it

    as a bonus bring scissors and a shaving razor to cut off her hair when she is knocked out and shave off an eyebrow

    Edit to guard move alot when she is ganing on you

    EDIT Also send me post fight results.

    EDIT To ensure other not to uff with you laugh when you beat her up people will back up. Also bring your toughest friends she might bring some and use them agiasnt you. Good Luck kicking her aśs

  • How To Fight A Girl

  • You could try not getting into a fight for no good reason. Unless a person is an imminent threat to either yourself or others, fighting them is pointless.

    If you must fight, here's an idea: learn how. If you actually have some trining, you can beat any street-punk with practiced ease. Since you obviously don't know how to fight, take her down and fight on the ground. 90% of fights end there anyway, and when two untrained people go at it, the one on top will usually win. So beat her to it.

    EDIT: To guard, wrap your legs around her and keep her close to your body if she gets on top of you. This is actually called the guard position, and from here she can't punch you. Try to flip her over so that you end up on top of her if you're forced to use this position. Otherwise, just block any damn punches she throws.

  • Go for a WRESTLING fight. Get her into a fierce side headlock, and then take her down to the ground by using your full strength in a sideway direction. This swing will result in even her back nearly touching the ground and you will be able to quickly pin her.

    Your body weight and height are slightly greater than your rival. So be energetic and use these advantages. When you will finally pin her, just make sure your 120 weight sufficiently presses her 110 body. Also ensure both her shoulder blades remain flat on the ground in the final position.

    Get ready for the fight. Best of wishes. And email me to give a post-fight feedback:-)

  • First let her hit u. If she doesnt say stuff like you wanna fight me go ahead cause you aint got nothing on me and talk smack. She will get fired up and mad. So when she goes to punch block it grab her arms. Dont let her get your hair ethier keep it up and in something hard to get a hold of. When you grab her arms push her to the ground. Hold her there. Then put her arms under your legs so all you have there is her face. Dont put your head down keep your chest and head up and punch. if she manages to get up block yourself until your can grab her arms to knock her down again and then do the same things. Tips~ Dont let her get your hair. Dont let her hit you. Push her arms under you so she cant hit. If you get tired just hold her there cause if your hits are hurting its not gonna do anything. And bring backup to split it up if you need a break but dont get them involved. Its one on one so keep it that way. Im 5'4 120 and been dancing for 10 years and i cheer, so im strong. So those are my tips hope they work.

  • Hit her with the Glam Slam

    Edit: Adding on to what the first guy said, you should wrap up your hands like CM Punk, then dip your fists in some hot glue, then roll them around in broken glass. Just punch her in the face one time and you'll win.

    Source(s): iFizz. Do you?
  • walk up to her talk and just pop her in her face if she try to swing block her hits grab and to her shirt or hair if you a punk and slide her across the ground after you do that stomped on her face like 5 times then let her get up and if she dont try and do anything walk away or you can just stand right there and say that is why i beat ur a** bi*** and then just walk away make sure you have all your stuff

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    the others are saying not to pull hair or bite... but to be honest pulling hair is better. i have friends who have been in fights ( i personally haven't but went to like kick boxing and that, where everything goes ha-ha.) and the best way is to pull their hair to drag there face down them knee, kick , boot , whatever you wanna do to their face and stomach this will disarm their senses and their strengh will also be affected. ( this also stops her using her braces). you can also just punch f*** out of her 🙂

  • Pull her by the hair till her head is down to about your waist then knee her in the face. Try to punch her in the nose, i have had a broken nose before and it ain't fun, and everytime she looks in the mirror and sees the black eyes and crooked nose she will remember not to fu(k with you again. Good luck.

  • u should pull her hair REAL hard then punch her in the face and if u can hit herʙʀᴇᴀsт cuz i know it hurts when u hit it... but my best advice is dont fight.. lol... one more thing u can try to keep on punching even if shes not near just punch like punching the air so she wont be able to get near i know it sounds and looks stupid and funn but it works for me.. lol

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