Girth vs. Circumference – What is the difference?

Well, what is the difference between them? Or is it as long as its broad?

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  • Yep, they both mean the same thing in practice.

    Circumference is a mathematical or scientific term used by people who believe that more letters means more clever.

    Girth is a plantsman's or forester's term originally, used by people who think that getting on with the job is more important. So I guess it's natural it became the preferred term for assessing wood.

  • Girth Circumference

  • Are you talking about anatomy. Well in general Girth is shear total size, or amount of actual matter. Circumference is the disance around the outer edge, usually applied to a circle or sphere.

  • do they both not mean the same.

    google it. type in circumference definition

    and then girth def. im pretty sure they are the same tho.

  • There is no difference-

    both mean "the size of something round."

  • how bout just big!

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