gold has a specific gravity of almost 20. a five gallon pail of water weighs about 40 pounds, how much would a

five gallon pail of gold weigh? thank you if you answer this question.

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  • 20*40 pounds. because specific gravity of water is about 1. thus gold is 20 times more

  • Gold Specific Gravity

  • Gold has a Specific gravity of 20 and water has a specific gravity of 1. That means that gold weighs 20 times more per gallon than water.

    Since water weighs ~8.3lbs/gal

    Gold weighs 20*8.3lbs/gal=166lbs/gal

    For a 5 gal pail would weigh ~830lbs.

  • I have a giant pile of gold, and several eight gallon buckets. The buckets are also made out of gold. I could have my servant run some calculations, but I'm afraid we can't find your answer directly.

  • 800

  • well depends on what the pail is made of. Is the pail made of gold, plastic, aluminum...or what?

  • About 805.33 pounds or 365.3 kilograms

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