Good excuse for a broken arm.?

I need a good excuse for my broken arm. I was on my roof smoking (my mom doesn’t know I smoke) and slipped going back inside. I didn’t fall off my roof, but I’m pretty sure my arm is broken (I’ve had one before). Everything I keep coming up with doesn’t sound believable and I need to have an excuse to tell my mom. Any ideas??? (Geeze that sucked to write).

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  • Ok. I had this excuse when I was like 10. I broke my arm while cartwheeling and I said that I was running to catch up to a friend and I tripped on my shoelaces and tried to break my fall by holding my hands out. I fell face forward, and my hands were straight out and all of a sudden, I heard a crack. I think my arm is broken..

    That is a believable statement. Untied shoes are easy to trip on. 🙂 Your mom will believe you.

    Good Luck!

    Hope I helped!

  • Oh crap, first of all, be sure to tell your mom and see a doctor! Broken bones can become quite serious if they’re not treated right away.

    Could you say you were up on your roof enjoying the view or something? I am one of those crazy people who would probably try climbing onto the roof just to see what it was like up there if I suddenly realized I could.

    Also, I’ve gotta say that smoking is not a good idea, and climbing onto a roof if it can result in you getting a broken arm is an even worse idea. Getting your broken arm treated is more important than the smoking issue, but I just had to mention that. My dad’s been smoking since he was a teenager and he can’t quit. If you must smoke, please find a safer place to do it. Broken arms are not a good thing, whether they’re smoking-related or not.

  • Man up and do sports day. It’s really not worth breaking your arm over. Immense pain, weeks in a cast having to deal with itchy skin and bad smells, not being able to shower properly. Muscle atrophy in that arm resulting in weeks of physio to regain the strength. is it really worth it for the sake of a damn running race? Who gives a **** if you lose/trip and faceplant the track. It’s a damn site better than breaking a limb. I hated sports day in school yet I still did it (track and field were not my thing, yet that’s all they did). And no, dropping a brick on your arm in all likelihood will not break your bone unless its from a serious height of several meters, it will however leave you with an almighty bruise. If you manage to drop it from a height that will damage your bone, it wont be a clean break, it will be a crush injury possibly requiring surgery and pins, and you may never have the full use of your arm again. So basically you may want to reconsider doing the race.

  • 1. I was in the shower and slipped

    2.i was moving this chair and slipped

    3. I was running at they gym and tripped.

    4 I slipped on the treadmill

    5. I hit it on the edge of the pool

    6. Any thing slipped

    7. I was helping a little girl move her cookie Stan and fell

    If you say some thing like I moved this chair for you, you get more sympathy

  • Any kind of awkward fall can break an arm, even falling from a chair to the ground. Smoking depletes calcium from your bones, so you can look forward to a lot more broken bones in later life.

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  • you were doing some sort of activity and you fell and landed on it off a curb or some steps that might work. or depending on how old you are you climbed a tree and fell that could be high enough. good luck.

  • You were hanging from the monkey bars upside down and slipped arms full extented and felt a crack. Unless you are to old for monkey bars

  • lol when i was like 15 i broke my arm when i punched the foot board on my bed say you jumped onto your bed to pass out and you hit your arm really really hard on the head or foot board and you think you broke it

  • i wuz on the roof ixing a leak and i slipped. i fell out of a tree while trying to get my kite out. bike riding

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