good goals for volleyball?

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  • goals for volley ball?

    well it really depends on the person.

    like for example , i dont really know how to serve over hand so that would be a goal for me.

    a goal for you really depends on wat you know and dont know how to do.

    so if you need to work on ur setting , or spiking , or bumping , then work on that , and make your goal to be able to bump the ball 30 times. or something?

    goals are really about how good the person is at something , and wat you need to work on(:

    hope i helped.

  • Volleyball Goals

  • Like everyone said, it depends on your level and your position. But here are some of mine for a single game, which could apply to any level:

    1 – Get all of your serves in (or aim for a high percentage). For me, there’s no reason why I should miss a serve in a game. So make it your goal.

    2 – Don’t let a ball touch the ground. If your pass is off, or you don’t quite get it, that’s ok. But don’t let it just drop without going for it.

    3 – Call every ball, even on the no-brainers. Seems like an easy goal, but so many people don’t do it and it causes a lot of problems in a game. If you make it a goal, eventually it will just become nature.

    4 – For a specific position, you could aim for hitting percentage, # of blocks, # of digs, # of aces, but I personally like goals that are more about playing good volleyball than random numbers. But everyone is motivated by different things.

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    good goals for volleyball?

  • it all depends on you ~ what do you want to improve for your self always try setting a hard goal so then its a challenge you will get better too

  • Improve your vertical by 3 inches

    nothing falls by me (I can always dig a ball out)

    I’ll give my setter good passes.

  • pass to specific place

    fake tips

    set further/higher

    serve to specific place

    fake serves


  • for me learn the 6-2 rotation i soo confused on it ):

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