Good idea to smoke weed before school..?

If youre gonna sit here and tell me smoking weed is bad, just telling you, you should just leave cuz im gonna do what im gonna do. kbye. but anyway (: so a lot of my friends smoke weed before school, and say its quite an enjoyable experience. ive only smoked 4 times in my life but i really wanna try takin a few tokes before school. i get cooked off of 1 bowl (yes im a lightweight hehe) so how much should i smoke if i tried before school?? also if i did smoke do you think it would be noticeable? thanks (: oh also do you think it is a bad idea all around (bad idea to smoke BEFORE SCHOOL not to smoke in general)

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  • Its been a long time for me since school but I’d have to sit in the bathroom because I smoked too much or I started getting paranoid everyone could tell. Your eyelids get droopy and even if you use visine it still makes them glassy. Not to mention nonsmokers can smell it even if you smoked outside and put on cologne. Then if someone doesn’t like you they could tell the office or a teacher report you and they will check your locker then you….for drugs. Then your tag and being watched. NOT a good feeling. Just wait til after school so you can relax and enjoy the buzz!

  • Smoking Weed Before School

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    People react differently to smoking pot. Some people become more energetic, some sluggish. No matter how you react, smoking before class is not a good idea. It impairs judgement and slows reaction times – for everyone. You will take more out of class sober and if you feel you still can’t concentrate then I would see a doctor. Maybe the better course to improve concentration would be a medication like Ritalin.

  • ha i used to inhale more thc than oxygen n i do not have friends who do not smoke weed. I am surrounded by stoners n i can tell u that smoking in school is a terrible idea if u plan on passing. people will def notice if u start comin into school high, but if u do go high start small. u dnt want to tweek out in class or anything. lol

    id suggest u take 2 good hit off a bowl b4 school the first time

    i dnt suggest smokin b4 school all the time but once or twice on day u aint doin **** wldn b bad

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  • I used to do it everyday. 1st period was fun. 2nd I would sleep through. Then lunch time smoke some more. Then I got serious about school and had to cut the pre school smoking out. Never the lunch time though.

  • good idea smoke weed school

  • Hey just cause you get baked off one bowl dont mean your a lightweight just means you got good ****.

    Eh its a big risk to smoke before school i never did it that much but take diet pills before school its great purple footballs

  • Of course it is a good idea without it school is boring

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