Good News America, We’re Getting A Green GTI!

VW has offered the American people a lot things lately; fun to drive hatchbacks, cars named after bugs, and even cars that lie to us. Sadly, among that impressive porfolio they’ve forgotten how to give Americans colors for our cars that weren’t so boring. Thankfully that’s about to change in 2018.

Last night as I lay awake trying to build the most expensive GTI possible, as any sane person does, I stumbled upon something fantastic. Before today, it was like the printer at the VW factory ran out of ink when they made America’s allotment of GTIs. But for 2018 something changed, among the normal grays and whites you can expect for the GTI something strange appeared.

It’s called Great Falls Green Metallic and I’m in love. The GTI is the mature mans hot hatch and that’s totally fine. But maturity doesn’t mean boring. I’m not asking for a Tangerine Scream GTI or even the return of the famed harlequin just something a little interesting.

Thankfully, VW is throwing us a bone with a color that’s different but not ostentatious. So i’m begging you my fellow GTI enthusiasts, please but a 2018 GTI Autobahn with a 6-Speed Manual Transmission, and paint it Great Falls Green Metallic. Then please drive it 20,000 miles and return it to the dealership so I can a sweet deal on a lightly used model.

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