Google Image Redirect Notice?

So recently this morning I’ve all of a sudden been getting a Redirect Notice everytime I click on an image in Google. It doesn’t take me to another website, it only takes me to a white page that says:

Redirect Notice:

The previous page is sending you to: URL

If you do not want to visit that page, you can return to the previous page.

This is not happening in the Images when I use Google Chrome, only regular IE. I scanned with Norton and said everything was safe, I even logged out of my Google Account, and deleted my cookies and cache, yet it’s still happening.

Does anyone know how to fix this? My friend isn’t having the problem on her computer, is anyone else?

I’m pretty sure I don’t have the Google Redirect Virus, it lets me browse all other webpages – but not just singularly click on an image. Nothing suspicious pops up and all else seems fine.

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  • You may have been hijacked with the Google Redirect Virus. Many antivirus programs do NOT detect it…

    How to fix Google Redirect Virus (browser hijacker) problem (see sources below)

  • Redirect Notice

  • Thanks to John Lemut, I deleted my cookies (History, clear recent history, check only cookies) and the problem seemed to go away, but then searched from a search page that I had accessed prior to setting cookies, I was once again faced with redirects. It seems that somehow my Google search settings, set via a Google cookie, had been changed to “tell the user when about to be redirected to an insecure site.” I was searching for an image of a recent murder suspect, and the redirects were going to the dark side of the web, so I think that it may have been a security feature that I accidentally turned on.

  • I can’t answer your question but I just wanted you to know I am having the same redirect notice too. I am pretty sure it’s not the google redirect virus as I had my pc was infected about a year ago and it was nothing like this.

  • This redirect notice only appears to come up when I do not accept cookies. More detail collecting by Google.

  • I have had the same if you hover you mouse over the image for a second the box will expand and then the image will open ok . It took me an hour today to find the solution.

  • I found an article that advised clearing cookies and temporary internet files (for IE). This link gives instructions for Firefox and Chrome as well.

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