graph the linear equation x-4y=8?

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  • To graph any line, you just need two points, plot them on the cartesian plane and sort of connect the dots.

    For me, the easiest points are the x and y-intercepts.

    x-intercept: set y=0 then solve for x, you get x=8. So we have the point (8,0).

    y-intercept: set x=0 then solve for y, you get y=-2. So we have the point (0,-2).

    Plot (8,0) and (0,-2) then connect these 2 points.


    for y= -7 , label the y-axis below the origin until u reach -7 then draw a straight line there for x-4y=8 first re-write the equation as y=mx+c which is 4y=x-8 y=(x-8)/4 nw take a suitable range of x such as -3<=x<=3 then in the equation substitute all the values of x which lie between the range nw u have x-coordinates and y-coordinates…just plot the graph for -4x+y=3 do the same as shown in x-4y=8

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    graph the linear equation x-4y=8?

  • If you have to show your work, you should first you should put the equation into y=mx+b format*.

    This would be y = x/4 -2 then do the intercepts as noted above.

  • Come on, Big C. Move the 3x to the right side and divide through by 4

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