Graphing Calculator Problem?

Occasionally, when I put in a calculation in my graphing calculator, it comes up with a number that doesn’t seem to be correct -ending with an “E-5 or E64”. What does this mean? My calculator is a Ti-84 Plus


2.71838 to the -7.5 power = 5.529345821 E-4

The permutation of 50 = 3.04140932 E64

Thank you so much for your help!!!

1 Answer

  • E-4 means 10^(-4), or 10 raised to the power of -4.

    E64 means 10^(64), or 10 raised to the power of 64.

    Edit: In other words, the number is either too large or too small to be displayed.

    Example: 6 million = One “6” and six “0”s.

    or 6 million = 6E6

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