Green Day – Brown Eyed Girl?

Which Green Day album does Brown Eyed Girl come on?

I’m pretty sure it’s Green Day. I have it on Mp3, and the tag says Green Day. But could it be McFly or even Busted????

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  • I don’t think its on any.

    I can’t even find it on iTunes!

  • Brown Eyed Girl Album

  • that song isn’t on any green day albums or singles.

    it may have been played at a concert though…i’ll look into that in one sec.

    [edit] yep. no evidence of it played at a concert on youtube, so i searched around a bit and although nothing too informative has came up, the song Brown Eyed Girl was a song written by Northern Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison in 1967. Green Day has been said to have played it. but from what i can tell, it wasn’t released on any b-side. maybe i can find a list of bootlegs but that’s close to impossible.

    ah-ha! here we go! with lyrics and you can play the song.

    wait…no, this isn’t Green Day singing this, what the fcuk?!

    oh, that’s the original, but it’s listed under green day.

    well, you still have the lyrics:…

  • I had the same problem. For years I looked for it because I originally had a song I got from lime-wire that said it was by Green Day. Turns out it is by the band Lagwagon. 5 years late but hey you may still use that account haha.

  • that song isn’t in any Green Day album and i have never really heard it being played by them, in youtube if you look for it, it says green day ( but its not played by them its played by this van morrison guy you can see it listed in azlyrics ( under “other songs” but i have never heard it by green day almost the same thing happens with “I Saw My Parents Kissing Santa Claws” in that one you cant really find it anywhere not even played by someone else.

  • I think I remember seeing somewhere saying that green day had a version of it but it ended up being mcfly or something – I dunno but maybe that’s what you’re thinking of?…

    also billie says something like that at the end of this:

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  • Its not any albums as far as i am aware

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