Grooming and shedding of Birman cats.

I am looking to buy a couple of birman kittens but am slightly concerned with their long hair. I currently have a longish haired moggie and he is always getting things stuck in his fur and getting mats, especially on his tummy. Is this likely to be the same with Birmans, and do they shed more hair than your average short haired car?

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  • Hi. I don’t own a Birman, but I do own Maine Coons which are another Semi Long Haired Cat, so grooming a Birman will be similar to a Maine Coon.

    Like all long/semi long haired cats, if they are allowed out, they will get things stuck in their coats, especially in wetter weather. So, it’s important that you give your cat a quick brush and check over when they come in just to make sure they haven’t got any burrs or insects stuck in their hair as these can cause knotting and it’s more work then to groom the cat.

    But, if your Birman cats are going to be indoor cats then just a weekly groom will suffice more than enough to keep their coats in tip top shape. They have really silky coats so they don’t matt. But, they will get matted like any cat if they’re let outside.

    A bath every month or two won’t go amiss either as this helps to keep the coat cleaner and easier to manage, as a lot of cat hair and dander gets washed away when they are bathed, reducing the amount of hair and dander they would otherwise shed around the home.

    Long haired cats don’t lose more hair than short haired cats, but because the hair strands are longer you can see them more, giving the illusion that they shed more.

    I have long haired cats and a short haired cat and I must admit that I find the vaccum cleaner picks up the soft candy like hair better than the pin like hair of the short haired cat.

    The trick also is to buy a good quality vaccum like a Dyson Animal or a Miele Dog and Cat as these have superior suction power compared to others, believe me 🙂

    Birmans, like Maine Coons will shed a little more hair during late Winter and early Spring ready for their Summer coat, which is less dense and lighter.

    Good luck with your hunt for your Birman kittens, they’re a gorgeous breed of cat and they make wonderful companions for us and eachother.

    All the best.

    PS When you are looking for a Birman, look up registered ethical Birman breeders, ( you can contact a Birman Cat Club that is in your country) ask to see their home and other cats to see how they are brought up, make sure you get the pedigree slip and that the kittens will be vaccinated, wormed, de-flead and fully house trained by the time they are ready to come and live with you. And, be prepared to either wait for the right kitten or travel further for the right kitten.

    All the best.

  • I believe that Birman’s have the type of longer hair that does not mat like a Persian’s does. I don’t think they shed any more but of course it’s longer so it might look like more :o) Birman’s are known to be sweet cats. Where do you live that you call cat’s “moggies”?

  • the two are human beings-orientated, playful cats yet there is largely lots online descriptions can inform you some breed. perhaps you will desire to look up some respected breeders on your area and notice in the event that they are going to allow you meet their cats. *further: i’m hoping you at the instant are not making plans on procuring from a puppy keep. Animals from puppy shops are ridden with infectious and genetic ailments and are carriers to all forms of behavioral issues, to not the point out helping puppy shops helps animal cruelty interior the style of domestic dog and kitten generators. yet with any luck you already be attentive to that

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